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Fenton Art Glass Burmese HP Ginger Jar
Fenton Art Glass Burmese HP Ginger Jar
Sale Price: $599.00
Used From: $450.00
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This is a beautiful handpainted Burmese ginger jar, created by the skilled glass workers at the Fenton Art Glass Co in Williamstown, WV. It was made for the limited edition Connoisseur Collection in 2000...

Ginger Jar By Fenton Art Glass
Ginger Jar By Fenton Art Glass
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This lovely "Ginger Jar" by Fenton Art Glass is a great piece to add to your Fenton collection. There are three separate pieces that make up this jar.The "Ginger Jar" stands 8 1/4" tall and is 6 1/2" in diameter at it's widest point...

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Fenton Burmese Diamond Optic Ginger Jar Signed by George Fenton   Cobalt Blue Ginger Jar w Lid Vase with Flowers Hand Painted Signed T Watson   FENTON BURMESE Vaseline GLASS GINGER JAR TOP Signed Lid Uranium Mint Vintage   FENTON ART GLASS YELLOW SATIN HAND-PAINTED SIGNED TEMPLE GINGER JAR LOT NR   Fenton 2002 Sunset Overlay Ginger Jar Art Glass Messenger Gorgeous NIB   Fenton Limited Edition Glass Messenger Sunset Overlay Ginger Jar #29 MINT w/box   Fenton Kelsey Murphy Red Mushroom and Floral Sand Carved Ginger Jar LTD   Vintage Fenton Hand Painted Beautiful Ginger Temple Biscuit Jar   Fenton 6504 Cranberry Coin Dot Ginger Jar Limited Edition Numbered 582 Signed   Beautiful Vintage Fenton Ginger Jar- Handpainted By A. Nora Fenton W/Stand   FENTON-Gold Treasures Collection. "ROSALENE GINGER JAR" Hand-Painted NEW IN BOX   Fenton - Ginger Jar Cranberry Dotted Pattern   VTG FENTON FRENCH OPALESCENT HOBNAIL GINGER JAR VASE   FENTON CAMELLIA GINGER JAR SUNSET OVERLAY NUMBERED&SIGNED #2197 MIKE FENTON   Vintage Fenton Opalescent White Hobnail Covered Ginger Jar   Fenton Kelsey Murphy Just Ripe Orange and Red Sandcarved Ginger Jar LTD   Fenton Black Ginger Jar Base Stand Display Pebble Top   BEAUTIFUL FENTON HANDPAINTED GINGER JAR   Fenton Ginger Jar on Stand Sunset Overlay GME Mike Fenton Signature LE 2002   Fenton Art Glass Decorated Temple Ginger Jar in Favrene with Black Lid MIB   Fenton ROSALENE 3 Piece GINGER JAR Family signed GSE 1990s Ebony Base and Lid   Iridescent/Pearlized Ginger Jar   Fenton Rosalene Rib Optic 2004 Gold Treasures Ginger Jar 3 Family Sign. QVC   Vintage Fenton White Hobnail Butterfly Lid Candy Dish Ginger Jar   Fenton Blood Red Ginger Jar   Fenton Glass Silver on Ebony Ginger Jar 6"H Poppies Artist Signed M Wagner   Vintage Fenton Satin Glass Ginger Jar Hand Painted signed Sandy Kelsy   FENTON WHITE & PINK SALMON GINGER JAR RUFFLE EDGE VASE TRANSLUCENT   FENTON ART GLASS CRANBERRY OPALESCENT COIN DOT GINGER JAR HANDPAINTED AND SIGNED   FENTON ART GLASS SOUTHWESTERN CACTUS SUNSET GINGER TEMPLE JAR WITH LID SIGNED NR   Fenton Burmese Butterfly and Daisy 3Pc Ginger Jar CONNOISSEUR 2000   FENTON Blue Satin GLASS GINGER JAR VASE~Signed MB METZGER Painted ROSES   VINTAGE PRE-LOGO FENTON GINGER JAR!! MUST SEE.   Fenton 6504 CR Cranberry Coin Spot Opalescence Ginger Jar Limit Edit 2002 Vtg   FENTON ART GLASS 2pc GREEN GINGER JAR w/ BRASS LID   FENTON ART GLASS 3pc SATIN BURMESE GINGER JAR w/HP FARM HOUSE w/TREES SCENE